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Cool Water EP

by SLik d



The Cool Water EP was created to test the Good Vibes within industry standards while providing what I do best every summer.


released July 28, 2012



all rights reserved


SLik d Long Beach, California

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Track Name: What Im Talking About
It's like I just got paid
Bought me an 8th
Filled up my tank
All on a Friday
It so happens that my way is the highway
That's double meaning I'm whipping while I'm chiefin
Every street got a little story to me
Hit a liquor store for the black swisher sweet
Told myself I need to lay off the tabbaci
But it's hard when you live Cali while rockin khakis
Bumpin snoop d o double g
Plus I'm from the LBC
This lifestyle came naturally
Knowing my surroundings be
On some mickey..
I dump this whole 40 ounce for my city
We some on henny got me leaning
Like my cholos some of them is my bros though
Even the ones I don't know just might get they cups pour
What goes around comes around so ash that pass that
To the left seeing that I'm matchin

This what I'm about
70 degrees
And the honeys got they bottoms out
Homies got the funds
So we gonna have fun
Cause we all getting some
Finally the summers come
Finally some heat

2nd Verse:
Surfs up I'm outchea tryna catch a wave
I love the kids but not ready for a baby
You don't act like that I call you my lady
Rather flip the dough than on a mercedes
A mentality that cali be bringing
Waking up to chicken and waffles
The rooster singing
Mexican music playing
In inglewood I'm staying
Machester cranking that Skeme back to Casey Veggies
Aww man, my brothers got a plan
Gives me pride knowing each one is doing them
Doing myself, lend some help or knowledge
Life is my lesson, just looking for them females at your college
It's finals week all she did was her front page
Just remembered while were sitting here getting blazed
You get high As for smoking high grades
Half baked, wrote her essay while on papes
Track Name: Hustler's Jazz (Feat.Nicatyne)

Its pay day for the bosses
Going out splurging no matter what it cost us
I stay cautious word to mysterious
Haters see the pockets and then they get delirious
All dollas, no periods
Aint time for them woman problems anyway
But on any-day, when a relly feeling lavish pop the hennessy
But I really need a day off, I rather take a lay up than a lay off
Though Im going for the Tomahawk
Why run when you can fly? Thats how you gotta be when your a guy like I
Thats right I dont walk I glide, uh huh so before I hit zero I gotta get more..
Commas.. I gotta get mo dollas.. I gotta get mo

Staturday after a busy friday
Aint listening to a boss Im doing shit my way
Like any and everyday.. Like any and everyday
Getting it in every way
This jazz for the hustlers..

SLik d:
And In Jah We Trust
Forever be hustling the life of a hustler
I gotta give thanks and love to all my customers
Hard times showed up, you were there show nuff
More my like supporters, I dont cop no jordans
Just these 40 dollar vans, dont think yall understand
Empowering my plan seeing the vision
Truthfully unity keeps me sane and makes me who I am
That rock bottom feeling of being broke is no joke
It aint that funny when you have no end
But now my bank account has zeros
Promised myself wont go back again
Long as Im alive, gotta stay fly
Talking high high high
Its either that pimpin or die.. ah
Track Name: Turn On (Feat.Jayy)
SLik d:
Let me stick my key in your ignition
Turning me on crazy with the lane switching
On my thang shifting
To 1st then 2nd it's automatic
She got it bobbin keep my eyes on the road who knows watching
I got one policy see now if you ride with me
Ass, cash or gas nobody rolls for free
And I already got that tree, money always g, rather get that from my homies girl you got what I seek and what I need
Backseat is roomy won't bump your while we grooving
Yea I like it old fashion up in a drive in movie
Laugh and joke at the funny scenes
But once it gets boring, we ignoring the comedy
Work em up out them jeans
Glass foggy probably
People know whats up
But don't give a..
Lock the doors so no one disturb this system
Boom Shakalaka boom
Groove then later on we can go get some food baby
What it do

From the front, to the back on the side
Your the one that I want in my ride
We gon rock we gon roll we gon glide
From the front, to the back on the side

My foot is on the pedal, dont know where we going
High waist-ed shorts and your tattoos always showing
You want me, I want you so we hopped in the whip, and then we cruise
To a location to where no one knew I always end up under you
Now were in the backseat, same as last week
When shes on top I recline in my seat
Giving everything she needs, changing speeds
Let her do her thing
I shift her gear we switch position she go to work like she on a mission
Uh, that body yea I gotta mention
Out of this world, like sector 7
Light switch I turn her on, any track she hear me on
We in the car she play my song, I can do this with no problem uh
Never thought that this would happen in the backseat making magic
In my ear hearing all that spanish, its the best when you dont plan it
Dont think that did you wrong,In the end I turned you on
Just remember me when Im gone, SLik tell em how we do it uh
Track Name: It's Over
The movie just ended
Curious, the rest of the night how you gonna spend it?
Subliminally, she been sending me messages on the thought about sextin
If im not Dallas then all my exes live in Texas
So I reckon in a second, take to her to my crib
Do what it did, aint playing booty spankin
In my mind Im thinking you dont need no explaining
Figured just a rapper making it off Good Vibrations
Claiming Im a super star
Should known that would come when people know you before finding who they are
Bust that, push back dont want a mishap
She like one more time without a jim hat
I told her give me a break, gave her a kit kat
By the look on your face and the fact
That you called me babe during the love that we made
You want me to be your main
I cant be that thang

Why I gotta be your boyfriend?
Just want you to be my homegirl
If we call one another
Its to kick or for some lovin

2nd Verse:
We been about 8 weeks, 4 days thats about 2 months
Dont ask me how I know, shes the one that brought it up like
"Its our anniversary" My face all in disbelief
Cant she see that I didnt want to be the one to feed her all them lies
Told em I stay rolling like Im blowing all the time
Every-now and then you be running through my mind
But dont be mad when I dont reply, cause I be high
Working on another rhyme, asking why
Not a player even though I get around
Guess you didnt hear a single word that was coming out my mouth
Quickly forgot about last chick at my house had to kick her out
Talking bout, wrapped her legs around me
Hoping, we can be a family
How come none of these females understand me..