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Forever Thankful

by SLik d



released August 15, 2014

Back 2 Basics - Jan Swift
Water Wings - SLik d
Something New - Jansport J
2 For 1 - Jan Swift
My Lady - Boonie Mayfield
Back In A Daze - Patrick P.
Blessed - EOM
All Alone - JayCayo
Unconditional - Envoy of THU



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SLik d Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Back 2 Basics
Quit my job then the next day got locked up
All because I was black with Marijuana, In Arizona
He had no reason to pull me over
I'm from where these cops be doing what they wanna
5 days in jail, never thought of going there
Only black boy, hitting my push ups for the suspicious
Couldn't wait to get out, eat something delicious
Until then these meals got me malnutritioned
Still took time to thank Jah, I ain't lying I was praying I would get out
Read a book, celly turned into my OG
He told me when I get released I got a place to sleep
Finally free in time to watch the sunset
Cold Corona & Lime he was Mexican
His daddy passed a fatty, felt nice to smoke weed again
Or better yet to have my freedom man..
Track Name: Water Wings
It's been months since I finally had to let it go
Full time with my music now on the road
Told my co workers better know your worth
Cause Jah didn't making you to waste time on Earth
Can I get an Ahmen if you understand
What your life is, or your passion
Whatever that is, make it happen
Cause its time for that action!
Still relaxing on lukewarm evenings, sippin & hittin the herbal and tea
With good head I can get some good sleep
If not that, late nights working on dreams
We all got something that keeps us going, no matter the motive
Accomplish them goals and notice how life has became so golden
Growing with the flowin

Never give up, just keep believing
Self motivation is key when all you got is your pride and a chance to be living life
Don't take for granted, take advantage of the minutes and the seconds
In due time, you'll be fine

Just gotta reach out, let them wings sprout
Finally time to give in some light to our dreams now
Diamond in the dirt, it don't really matter where you're from
Mother Nature, all these resources that she gave us
Wanna thank yah, really wanna thank yah
Got a list of appreciations
Grateful for them collie buds and that California sun
I can taste it when I'm smoking some, wash it down with some water yum
Don't take much to be natural, first thing I look for in a girl
Curls are a plus but you just gotta open your third eye
Get like a bird, just fly
Track Name: Something New
It be like Hey Hey Hey, smoke weed everyday
Word to the dogg Nate, tokin the bud in your name and for my brother mane
Ever since I been old enough, I've been rollin stuff
Sculpted some of the coldest ones, taught myself how to roll a blunt
Rarely fuck with flavors in swisher and if it is grape
It be taking me back to them heatwave days
Dubs & Up Club, dimes have never been my taste
I like a natural gal that can face an 8th
Who would of known I would be blown for so long
Haven't a day gone by, that I ain't been high
Must of smoke up 50 racks if not that 50 packs
Stating statistical facts for you almanac
Wouldn't trade those days so sunny for no large sum of money
Hitting up my nigga P and Will, for the dankest tree
Hook it up cause a brotha came regularly
Fattest baggy every-time that I ever done seen

It opened the gateway to them other things, who would of known whats next
Some promethazine in my cup, better be purple yes
Started to sweat when I first felt that ecstasy
Seeing melodies is something that I'm mastering
Cross faded in my video Pass The Tea
Only young once so I gotta try these things
We done smoke blunted dripped out in hella lean
Epiphanies from the 8th of shrooms inside of me
I learned you treat others like you want to be
Especially with your body cause your mind just be thinking
I'm trying to get dummy high when it comes by the weekend
If its yellow from peeing, some water I'm drinking
After sipping all day last night, full of warm brew
All I'm in the mood to do, is smoke a doob
With an ice cold glass, that shit sound cool
It's ritual dawg, I'll always stay true

Okay lets begin, turned into a hustler on 10/10/10 at 10pm
First time a dub landed in my hand for a gram
Last worry that I had about being broke again
Quality over quantity, with everything this is my policy
Tell me what you think about this beat?
Spitting more flavor than polly seeds
Might as well shout out that Long Beach
Dispensaries on every street searching for the perfect bag of leaves
Kinda like heaven in Lala landa
Was never to care much, it came and went bruh
Till the rent comes, moved back to Vegas
Started with an half oz and some elbow grease
Fast forward a couple months now I'm on the 15
Gliding south, passenger seat is my QP
Could of been a cutie but they usually do the wrong producing
At the end of the day, it's Mary Jane I'm choosing
Track Name: 2 For 1
It's like Christmas in the middle of July
Got sweat in my eye, frosty OG nuggets I'm puffin like fuck it in public
I get em off in a dozen or dub em
Keep this undercover
It's bad enough the temperature be heat pressing a brotha
Smooth as Pam on a pan in motion with some butter
My tree be stick icky my niggie your weed be iffy
Been smoked out from NorCal to San Diego
Living in Vegas be slanging pack not even days old
Next thing you know your stash be hella crusty
Talking a lightweight wooh out of the swisher type dusty
You throw your bucks at me guaranteed you'll get the ooh wee
Who needs receipts?
They'll come returning back running
In 1998 we herd that Ice Cream coming
Years later brought a new meaning to the servin
Was taught the game from scarface and then I learned it
One thing is for certain, my pocket ain't hurting

There's a legend they call me Candyman
Cause every I see my friends, I be on a different strand
Keeping em guessing, don't ask me questions
Through this bag smell that herbal essence
Don't come to me if you're worried about the measurements
Thinking ahead of when clientele wants to make a sell
Throw em the 2 for 1 deal, the assortment is ill
From Private Reserved, Sour dizzle da doughty dour
I'm 24/7 but don't respond at crack hours
Late night get getting high on own supply
I'm good on profit, done with doing bank deposits
Easier to open shoe boxes in closets
Plus I could transfer anytime, and won't receive a fine
Homie you gone live yours then I'm gon live mine
Including packs of swisher when constantly in packs they pick up
Good business is best business in this I will trust
Cause I use to be that young nigga you remember?
Track Name: My Lady
She knew me before I was hustling
The bucks spent don't mean nothing
Drug money, turned me hungry
Traveling, still haven't found where love is
But when back out in Vegas or do you know where LA is?
From south side of the both of them
Don't get it twisted I'm so local fam
Known for spittin flows while flipping grams
Anything to make this music jam
All these girls that I've done been through and still haven't dated Mexican
Done lived up in Carson my whole damn life
If there's one thing I've learned they gon treat you right
It don't really matter, bring em laughter
Guaranteed she keep me pleased
Rub her knees while smoking tree
By the beach, baby swear that's just what the world means
Who am I to disagree, down to earth she be keeping me
Leaving never seemed, hand got a tight squeeze from the back pocket jeans
It's a bittersweet feeling b, I gotta swim by the fish in the sea
Was bound to drizzound until I found out the one that'll be down for me
And that she shows, done already known about them hoes on the road
But fuck em though
Never made love to a nympho

Something about this girl got me going I ain't even knowing love is blind
Why you I think I pick you up
Every time she see a player rollin by
Spending time is just enough, cause she know a nigga steady on his grind
Take it fast as she wanna we gonna be alright
Watching the skyline
Under the moonlight
Hotboxing my old ride

Don't nobody want to be lonely when they hit 70
Maybe that's why all my high school peers started early with the settling
I'm chillin man, like really cooler than a ceiling fan
Couple years of being player then..
Guess that I'll be joining them
Still until the search over, a wild goose I chase
If I had dollar for everytime I.. Fell for the ass and face
Would probably pull up in a CLK instead taking hoes on a date
Is it really this difficult to find a good soul within a mate?
Can I leave my money around the house
Are you trippin that I'm flipping pounds?
All my exes see my vision now
Left out and I ain't even one to pout
It was just last night had to say goodbye to a dime
She was so damn fine but had nothing going on in her mind
What's goin on in these times?
Could it be me who be slippin on my pimpin
Need to be more gentlemen toward these women
Can't live without em, and can't live with em
Never doubt a real nigga, who is truly down to deal witcha
Believe it when they say a good girl is worth a thousand of them funky bitches
Track Name: Blessed (feat. Poetik Force)
In the middle of what you're doing
Do you ever just stop and think
That we did not have to be here
It could of been you or me
Stuck under rocks, snug in a box
Tornado on top praying to stop the chaos
Earthquakes make Tsunamis and theres still after the shock
That what we had is truly lost
Condolences, you know know how hard it is to lose what your heart was in then expect to be alright again?
I'm over here fighting for a better vibe within
While theres brothers killing others trying to protect their kin
Bloody hands from them politicians, my opposition is that the people run this shit instead
Last night on the news 100,000 dead
Before I go to bed, up in my head I gotta say it

I'm Thankful
Just to be right here
I'm Blessed
To live the life that I live
So Humble
For everything received indeed
You ain't gotta ask Ima give it back, with love & peace

Verse 2:

I thank God for the blessings, over the years I wonder
If it wasn't for this music, Ill be laying down under
Full of hunger and pain, my blood boils when I'm focused
Hopeless or not, you're joking when you say its hip-hop
Been on the blocks seeing killers pulling triggers for weight
Feeling mistakes, flipping rocks into bigger estates
I kill um ' with faith, more than less, I been a dreamer like BIG
I been a poet like PAC, spitting stories I live
Its the balance and the paper, gotta get it! Never foolish
Cause these cold hearted streets can leave your body with some bullets
Rest in power to my brother, now he's living in my spirit
Filled with guidance in my lyrics, your inspired just to hear it
Hold up.. see now I got you in my pocket
How many millionaires you seen with a surenge in a socket?
Obvious, your blessings are the reasons your alive
Im like God and the Prophets, born to Spiritualize.. Blessed

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this I keep in mind as I get older
No point in looking back yonder cause all that shit is behind
Take a thought and just wonder if we were moving with time
There'd be no room for emotion, You would get on with your life
To get ride of the bullshit gotta get over your pride
The world is only so big with limited time on our side
As the hourglass drips, just thankful I'm alive
I'm in my spirits to each his own on your religion
Long as righteous living is fitted somewhere in description
All this light I'm given I'm gonna give it back to children
Cause "Trix" ain't for them kids you silly rabbits
National Geographic, let me tell you what happened
Sea Turtle eggs crackin, with no mommy or daddy
Or form of protection, just sense of direction
But they knew they were destined, towards them waves crashing
Track Name: All Alone
Now there she goes, there she goes
Whipping around that pole, with a skin tone pure gold
Radiant soul, a lady in those stilettos
From the Vegas valley, no not the meadows
Central attention goes to her
Thunder claps when she goes to work
Predicting potential storms will occur
These bitches is hating because shes first
They drizzle a little but now it pours
Had noticed the DJ done played her song
For the C-Note, it could be yours
In the midst of the city where the sky is black
Pimps, Hoes, Players but theres more to that
Pay a little dough and we can go to the back
Slipped in my pocket gotta stop from all these skeezers at my profits
They don't see what I'm watching, she stares at me in the darkness
Juicy J, on a late nite tip this place would of seem to be haunted
But nope, just smelling like coke in the air
And it's full of no hope in here
Had to scoot close, get near
Left right to the right left, bubble butt with some nice breast
She don't wanna live like this, look when her eyes drift
My ear she whip-kissed don't get it twisted ain't looking for love
That what they all say, answer one thing.. then why you in this club?

Cruising down that 15 south
Crack of morning, sun scorching, finna just leave town
Had filled my tank and then got a ring
All she had to say is she'll do anything
Perpetual sexual innuendoes lead to a black hole
With really no need for the capital, she just want me to be down to roll
Then vamanos, your P he Be some Jelly (PB&J)
Myself? Don't need nobody but in the long run a King breeds with a Queen
We done drove so far along the road, didn't take long with the stories told
To unfold.. why both of our hearts are cold
She showed me scares from home when she was only 9 years old
Mama Medusa stoned so what was the point of screaming NO
When these niggas was buzzed, from there on she took an oath
To never devour a drink while I seen my mom fall to them stoges
As you live & grow and its in with the new & out with the old
You'll never be far from you roots, the truth is thats all that you know
Full of them woes she can't control, told me to pull the shoulder
When you wanna leave, but you cannot stay..
Internally its never over