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by SLik d





released January 28, 2013

Produced By Sabzi



all rights reserved


SLik d Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Memory Lane Sunday
Dippin down memory lane on a sunday
Things we did as kids it seems like it was yesterday

Verse One:
Lets take a trip down memory lane
Capri Suns, fire hydrants dancing in the rain
In mid day, the life of a LA'er
Only saving paper cause I was a video gamer
From Compton to Long Beach, stopping by my families
If I learned something, they taught me how to keep it G
So forever yall will live in my legacy

Verse Two:
Rolling in my daddy's caddy bumping all them oldies
Milk and cereal, Cartoon Network up in the morning
Playing outside with no shoes on, all the homies saying I need some lotion
Chillin on my old block, I had to smoke one..
Track Name: Let Yall Know
Verse One:
Log onto my Facebook, about that time to post a status
Blocking these blabbers, I want my ideas to matter
So Im thinking yesterday, today, and the day after
Writing all these pages, eventually making chapters
Nobody trying to hear all of my problems
The first thing that comes to rhyme.. solve em
You shooting a heavier ball when your out on your own
But have more room to ball in a lane all alone
Once you move out you'll know what Im talking about
Though I left one to land in another house
No hard times yet keep it steady toughin out
Everything is rough, till you soften it down
Keep my head up in the clouds with my feet on the ground
My destination is waiting for me to come around
Im like a time, place and Ill be there
This is what I wanted to share, jah bless

Im cool, chill, alright
And I know a way to a better place
Please dont worry, Im working on brighter days
Just wanted to let yall know..

Verse Two:
You ever scroll down your contacts, seen someone who's just passed
Knowing you cant call em, you wanna and it hurts bad?
I feel you fam, I understand
We living man, coalescent
Been herd blessings come in disguise
Sometimes it takes people a whole life to realize what we got
When I was nine, jah done took mine
Love you mom, Im alive so I wrote this song
For her and everybody that I never got to truly learn
We was straight until fate took some crazy turns
Crash and burn in a old cold world?
Let me tell you something that I learned from that gal
Enjoy everyday as it is with a smile
Tomorrow is never promised so might as well do it now
Keep good company around, really dont worry about
All that negativity, its in plain view to see..
Track Name: Good, Morning Love
Need me one that'll have a good time
One that I can grind
One that'll spend the night
& In the morning, she'll be waking me up with her love

Verse One:
Theres a lot of lovely ladies in this room
Pay em no mind, Im just thinking about mine
The one that I left behind, because
She was here with me but wasnt feeling the groove
How was I to know your not telling the true
Why must they always hide what they feel inside
Mos def need some realness in my life
Best believe, Ill know if she is right
No longer using my eye sight, everything will be natural
Rather have a Queen to compliment a King, to treat like royalty
Honestly those things I really..

Verse Two:
No not at all tryna spit some game
Take a feel youll see that its the real thang
You giving me opening, going in I cannot oblige
Coconut rubbing the lotion, smelling so nice
Its that poontang pie, that got me like oh la la.. between them thighs
But first gon dance the night, while buzzing on a body high
A whole nother vibe but Jah
Got perfect timing, could be yours and mine
They say love is blind, thats why so low me eyes
Last time, closed em all the way
Took a peek a leek and she took everything
Not tryna go through that all over again
Be my homie, be my lover but most of all be my friend
In the morning, while the dawn ends, Im singing this..