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by SLik d

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Created over the Summer of 2015. SLik is back 6 years later after his debut Summer Vibes with yet another short and sweet flavored project. Pacifico wasn't inspired from the cervezas, more so the Pacific ocean from where SLikdizzle lived his youth by.

From GVCA, we thank you for your continued support throughout the years. Jah Bless.


released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


SLik d Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Simple Man
It's Simple man, doing what I can
Living like everyone wants to do compared to a simple man
Well it all depends
Can you really do the same thing as he can
Cause he's a simple man, you live extravagant
And when it all ends what was worth it my friend
It could be simple man, wash away your sins
And this where the start of your forever begins

Taste like a magarita, Long Island, sangria
Blowing white owls, backwood, swisher sweeter
Easy Sundays to The Lord that we pray
Overall I'm cool with a raw paper jay
Spend the whole week soaking up uv rays
With that it only takes 3 months for the tree to re up
Meanwhile, smoking weed out of Los Angeles, I ain't there
Apologize can't say where, but wishing that you where here
Wrote that on a post card, knowing it'll go far to a sea shore in Brazil or neighborhood off of Crenshaw
Thanks to the web I know helleva lot of people
Peace to my folk overseas and on the east coast
Midwest, dirty south, cross the boarder, on the water
Whoever with the bombest cooking ima place an order
Fish my favorite dish, your chicken is kickin if fingers I'm licking
Whatever's on the menu, really I ain't picky ima

Ask yourself, if I won the lottery
That's a lot of cheese all for me I would probably
Cop an island, diamonds and sand got it all sparkling implant like half the land with the finest strands
Solar panel channeled to the studio cabana
Getting so high talking animals like Madagascar
For inspiration, taking a mini vacation to the other location where I be blazing
That sun dried country side pakalolo bruh
Only locals allowed, to the farmers market of loud
Five finger discount for my OG pound
Couple of miles up the mount got a dabbing lounge
Meanwhile, a little later at a wine tasting
Thizz facing caught a whiff, grapes taste amazing
Sippin white, green & red with the ederly
Genuinely they enjoy my company
Like ever since I bought the land it's flourishing
I tell em, this was all apart of Jahs plan
Before we blessed the burning sage we said ahmen
Got so high that day came back to reality
I don't even need all that money
Let's be honest, known for cruising low speeds, smoke weed, bbqs, vans shoes, white tees, in and out of my hood up to no good tryna dodge a felony
All a nigga really need is time to make a melody
I've been sick and tired of living life not how it's suppose to be
Inevitably, Spend most my cash upon grass
I'd be damned if I went out with no sack
Track Name: Hello, You
Hello, love you got me all in a daydream
My eyes are so low, she lift me up when I'm faded
You hoo are everything I never done before
I wanna open up and explore the world with you

Come my lady, come come my lady
You my butterfly in a town full of crazies
Mentality we sunny illuminating the shady
Curvature of her booty cheeks while the dress is waving
Ain't no wind, she's the definite of a breezy chick
Like what she like but if it's tight, then she will flow with it
Yeah here I go again, poet with a pad and pen
Rapping on events of how she make magic commence
Let's get a visual, head to toe
It is as if someone had sprayed her with a mist of gold
Ride a horse across country just to watch her glow
Touched the booty once feeling like a peacock pillow
Kissed her lips twice now I'm singing out her window
Fresh out the shower show me something damn I seen a nipple
The foolish thing you do could make the win though
Don't be telling yo boy, I'm just a friend oh
Something I just can't seem to handle if it were to end yo

I see the stars reflecting off the tip of her vision
Feel like the planets aligned in a mystic collision
Assigned a mission to uplift, her mind lid
A psychedelic relic where she got my head in
Sunshine surprise in the middle of the evening
Radiant skin, glowing out damn near beaming
When for no reason anxiety of her leaving
This here ain't cheesy, you gotta dig for the meaning
I know this much, it doesn't take a lot to trust
When I was handed lemons she came through with water, sugar
Light crystals on my indo, had to make em sparkle
Bonfire by her body dawg cause she's a hottie
I'm optimistic, you gone suck it why not lick it was that too explicit?
Replace my cup of tea with gin then
Things come and go, learned it at a thrift store
Shopping with that gorgeous girl, watching her put on them cloths
Turn, twist and twirl to let that booty show
Track Name: City Of Gold (feat. Leon St. Heron)
Time is of the essence, every minute second could be death
But fuck it we just living till the life of us is nothing left
Rock a rastaclat because the Jah that's within me brah
Grind until the sun come even when the moon is raw
Harder I be going it seem more in all it's paying off
5 years deep, climb was steep with no plans to fall
Blood, sweat and I ain't got no tears
Full of confident, all those L's I took ill toast with my accomplishments
Hustle stays anonymous cause I don't want y'all on to this
Most niggas wanna smoke and fuck a bitch money spent wondering
Where the hell it went but heaven only knows
Morley if you're doing things to better the soul
You gotta let it grow, have to let it flow, bad people in my life done told em bye.. Gotta let em know
Diamonds made under pressure
Yessuh and I ain't gon let up
Until I'm well off with Chedda
With my life set for the betta

A 100,000 transactions happened within a flash
Grams into a half a bag lead into a pack
Tony Montana I turned into a quarterback
Practiced on my audibles and never took a sac
Now the wax got me on a track but it ain't vinyl
How many chapters of my book until it's really final
I'm going to smoke weed, loving living, fiesta (forever)
Like Lionel Richie, steady vision of hopping off the yacht deck
Dockers with locoste neck
Ain't worried how much it cost yet I'm spending hella time with a wife, dog and the kids
Walks upon the beach, across the world is where I use to live
A great sigh of relief as I gaze into a sea
Could of should of would of been incarcerated but I'm free
Survival with the 5.0, this type of stuff that I know
Judge ain't give me parole for that I'm thanking the lawd
So many folk did me cold to the point my soul tipped on froze
D. Double O G told me homie way to swift on yo toes
Humbled to be chosen, maybe it's the way that it goes
Never took another road to the city of gold
Track Name: Who?!
Who got the plan, who out with no man
Who out there understand what I can
Who share that mutual connection
Who do have a lot in common with

Ain't gotta text her text daily
She come through when it be late and wake up
I ain't hating that she cooked my beacon
She just graduated so later we celebrating
I just red up so see we double paper chasing
Now Ima call yah baby, but yous a lady
The way you handle your hazards in them dukes of daisies
Rolling round the town, pickin up dropping pounds
I let her twist with the personal ounce
Just need a chicka, in the passenger seat
My dirty money don't mean nothing cause she's matching in clean
Matter of fact could catch me in her passenger g
Wherever she taking me gone be crackin indeed
Why? The life of the party's you and me not everybody
We really just came to for play back to my place
Before it's too late I gotta make her my babe
Enough clues to prove that I can make a move
Track Name: Catch A Wave
We don't care what they
Really have to say
Because we gon' catch a wave

Watching the water glisten
I'm kickin back just chillin
Once again by myself
Can't even correctly pronounce the name of this hotel
But I got it off of groupon for the low so oh well
Complimentary Bombay with a splash of mazanita
On my balcony rolling some reefer I had sneaked up
That's when I peeped her, the señorita muy Bonita
Es Pinole, poquito though I could be yo negro
Like one of them game show host on telomundo
She could sniff the west coast Dro, I'm on the 5th flo
Though I was kickin it with flip flops and socks
Something bout my lifestyle she was diggin a lot
So I, smoked her out
Shoot, got some dinner
Baked lobster, shrimp was lemon pepper
We got the meal for free cause she's the owners niece
Instead of saying peace, proposed to living ever happily back at my suite

She accepted before we headed back to the telly
Her uncle steady gave us shots so now I'm buzzin heavy
She caught me sweating, wiped my head like papi is you ready
Grabbed my hand off to the warmest of a tropic setting
"So in love with the moment don't ever want it over
Like ever since I've been high can't seem to sober
With one gaze in her eye I see a paradise
Made each other say "Ahh" and that was hella nice
From dawn to sunset till the moon lit
We moving and grooving
Watching a movie
In the jacuzzi
Rubbing your booty
Braided up my hair while we was faded in our underwear
It's inevitable we gotta split
I admit, one of the coolest chicks
Let's take a flick before I hop on the boat
She said she wanted to go
Snuck her up on that hoe
Then we were sailing afloat away from Mexico