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by SLik d



released August 14, 1991



all rights reserved


SLik d Long Beach, California

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Track Name: The First Time
I remember the first time
It hurt a little bit but was for good intentions
An ultimate feeling
Forever it will stay in my life

It was just like yesterday way back in 9th grade
Lil man living young wild and free
Straight anti weed thinking about the booty
Like didn't have a care who wanted to do me
When I met her first treated it like whatever
Things changed when we finally got together
In my back house more than half an hour of a work out
First time I came and last time we messed around
Couple months now, moved to las vegas
I'm thinking 702 starting new
Everytime there was a trip down to carson always thought of hitting you
But gotta face the truth,
Found yourself a good dude I ain't mad at cha
Type to toot it boot it and after
Nothing just happen
Got a lots of love give
To those wanting it
Plus your still with him
This the life we live

All it took was a one hit quit
Unexpected kiss
Never felt a feeling that done had me like this
Always told the homies not to mess with that chick
Now constantly kicking it on the regular
She so fly why I try to get a head of her
Sorry but fell in love with my bud
People told me wrong that's my fault to had judge
Cause ever since we linked no sense of separation
More like everyday we celebrating
On the fact that were here so let's face one
Another and another
Mari -juana
You so awesome
Put on this planet for some reasons
Aware of your capabilities so I need them
If we ever go our ways
Ima cherish every memory made, ok
Track Name: Holiday Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree, Ima break you down
Really starting to feel the presence of spirits now
Its been warm all autumn and still the leaves be fallin
Been keeping its G in the mist of all of this
Hit rock bottom, problems I solved em
Now working harder I already smell the..
Freshness floating in the air
Pass it around if you really do care

Its that time of year that I can get my
Holiday Christmas Tree

Verse 2:
Highed up, through the store thinking what Im gonna buy her
Got no money to ball but Ill suprise yah
That look in her eyes means the world to me
Even if I dont see you christmas eve, or new years
Step back from my smoking just to get this present
But now I got some more here
Wont use it in your presence
Though Ima roll this one dear this one is for your blessing