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Sum​,​Ah! Tracks

by SLik d



Summer is never over when you vibe with SLik d


released September 18, 2011

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Hakuna Matata - Scrabble
Swim - So Calhoun
Thank You, Come Again - Boonie Mayfield
B.Y.O.B - SLik d
SunDown - SLik d



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SLik d Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata... HEY
That is the motto hope you know what that means
Working hard but hardly working im just living with ease
To the west as the sun progress filling up my chest with the best, none of that stress
Didnt make this up it was brought to me
VHS days in the 90s, the lion king
Put it in my mind if I unwind and live my life
Guarantee lifetime worry free, this feels comforting
Have no woes just moving along a bumpy road
Not bringing no problems, where ever I go controlling my cruise
Im treating everyday like its the weekend
Wake up then do it all over again
Growing to a man, got big plans with fun included
The moment when you stop and realize
Today needs a kiss cause your a beauty

Hey, what a wonderful kind of day
Where we can learn and laugh and play
And get along with each other..Hakuna Matata

I can do this all day long, starting morning untill the dawn ends
Wake up and do it all over again
Track Name: Swim (Feat. No Insurance & Sami)
The minute I woke up took off for a swim
Let my mind wander, kicked my loose limbs
What a day, what a day for a swim…

My goals are feelin' out of reach so I head out to the beach
Need a breather and breezer for this so cal heat
Hit up a few homies, got a few extra seats
Kia's all mad, shotgun defeat
But then Kia's all glad cuz we light up the bleez
Haters all mad, they see the smoke come out the Honda
We park the car and just jump into the water
Forget everything and let the ocean take over

Air is cold outside, stay under where it’s warm
I’ll be here for a while taking pleasure in the storm
What a day, what a day for a swim…

SLik d:
Effects from the chlorine, eyes bright red
Grab my pants for my Visine
That just reminded me, other pocket got a doobie
Never noticed from what you wear, got a big ol booty, now I see
It’s a golden day and I don’t got the blues cause it’s in the sky
Ask you out on a date with a purple night
Wanna blaze, let’s take a dive

Popped my head up, heard a jumping old song
Ladies over 60 in the pool boppin along
What a day, what a day for a swim…

Hello, Ms. High Yellow
The purple-green Donatello turned me to Jell-O
Got me feelin like L.O.
Nuggets gettin blown, where the hell is Carmelo?
I’m in that car mellow sittin on a marshmallow
Leather seats, I’m everywhere I wanna be
And I just wanna be
Look past the surface and see what’s underneath

Somethin bout the feeling when you’ve become a submarine
Hold your breath, don’t scream, don’t come up yet…
Track Name: Thank You, Come Again
Im feeling nice, its cause this weather outside
You wanna ride? We got a Good Vibe

Verse 1:
It go..*store bell* when I walk in the liquor store
B.l.u.n.t. please check my ID
You know what? Ima grab me an ice tea
Not an Arizona, thats Brisk baby
Rolling up while I filler her up, gas regular
Just enough, she threw a couple bucks in thats whats up
Shoutouts to whoever is my summer girl
You never know, this could be forever
Pull the whip around now we headed to the car wash
While its getting cleaned, might as well hotbox
Crank that A/C we beating the heat up in here
180 degrees, how could you be wearing some jeans?
On a day like mwuah, it dont get no better
The weather, out here in California
Just got paid but the motive is to save
We can splurge on the world, just spend the day staying glazed

Having some fun under the sun, wont surrender
Until I need a jacket for the coldest of winter
Girl, I dont even wanna talk about it
While this heat is out theres no clouds but its cloudy
Keeping it down best believe she bout it bout it
Hot enough already next to your body
To be honest you be chiefing with me all the time
But Pocahontas are you from my mind?

Dont tell me she a mirage, when my weed is gone thatll be wrong
When were blown, suddenly your leaving
Forever alone on this beach I will be
Nah uh, no way
Too many babes, around the way with the pretty face
I must say, your looking hot right now
Track Name: B.Y.O.B
Yup yup it's Saturday oh boy about to chill today
Call up the homie SLik d like "aye what we getting into today?" he was like..

Aye I'm at a kickback
Homie where you iz at
Roll through to this pad and post

I don got the sodas and the dozja
Anyone who is older is designated to go and get the liquor
Just picked up, enough for the both of us
Tryna get a couple of puffs better pull out a couple of bucks
All these ratchet booty judys wanna hit for free
And these dudes I don't know all of a sudden my homie
Man leave me alone, but girl don't leave me lonely
You seem way laid back I like that no controlling
Got game it's not the same from the average of dames
Smoke and maintain let's hop in my ride listen to curren$y
Just float away till the party cracks
She might be the perfect match pullin out that large chronic sack

Chorus: Grab some drinks and we can roll up, if you with it
Get something to eat don't throw up, if you gon drink
Meet some new friends what's up, we can kick it if you

Now it's cracking aye what's happening,back up in this piece
See you got a bottle I so happen to have some tree
Roll this up fill my cup this deal is 50/50
Share my blunt with the ones truly cool and friendly
I'm on my level.. Not thinking about no sleep
Well actually I'm so faded I'm not thinking about anything
Lettin my shoulder lean enjoying the side affects
Bout that time to hit a dime no girl you ain't next
Just my bros and this honey cause she gave me lovey dovey
Smoked me out with her douby
All because she knew that I was SLik d
And I think that was koo
So I got her in the mood chillin right by the pool
Got the muchies like a mug so I got us some fruit
Took some shots by the ones then it lead into a few
No simpin we just reminisce then begin to enter the highest degree of tension you can say I'm winnin but hey sharing is caring right?