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Summer Vibes

by SLik d

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    Summer Vibes EP is a short but jam packed project that paints the picture of summer within audio form based off SLik d's frame of mind. It features multiple people including Jarell Perry,Decypher,Nique and plenty more. With three of the eight tracks being produced by SLik himself,the rest is produced from producers from all around the west coast. Even though its very short,every track has quality showing what SLik is capable of.

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released August 14, 2009

Beats Produced By:

I Can Smile For That - SLik d,Danny Perez
Picture Perfect - SLik d,Milk
Summer Heat - Nefarious!
Ode to Old Me - kev brown
On My Mind - Scrabble
Sick Of Love - SLik d
West Up! - Esta
Wheel Surfin' - SLik d



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SLik d Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Picture Perfect (Feat.Decypher)
Right off the back gotta clean the contacts for my lens
I begin while Im lookin around
I see the sounds,the sounds of my home california
So Cal,Oh wow tons of marijuana forreal
Take a look and then feel,the viberations
Like a celabration from the vibes i be making
Little earth quakins so hard to explain
Ill catch you at L.A.X on the plane
Or train, you know we got a lot of those around here
Stuck for ten minutes after that they dissapear
Keep on crusin over humps just to see a trunk
Of dub dvds and cd for hella cheap
Mexicano stores posted sellin hella meat
Sour cream with cheese comes with it free
Its hard to say a clear picture spittin in your ear
Because you needa see it to believe it livin over here

Now, let me paint the picture through words of imagery
I'm vividly depicting this divinity with similes
With an ability to fill the need of the soul
If home is where the heart is then my heart is beautiful
Now view in full this musical mentality
From the valley to the Coast, ayo i'll let them know where Cali be
I'd rather be under palm trees with a bomb breeze
Where the bomb be? Cause I'm wanting to flaunt steeze
I'm a rise like the way of the Sun
The wind breaks to indicate that my day has begun
Looking out to the West, picture me in the front
Of the pacific glittering from rays of the Sun
Blazin a blunt with each of my five senses tingling
I love this Cali life so much, to you it might be sickening
You're listening to the delegates of SoCal
You know now, Slik and Decyph bringin soul now

So now your knowin how its going
Wheres the party at? Wheres party at? CHEA!
Oh there is biggity bumpin at the homies house
Finna start seein the sounds while his parents out
Flavor the hookah purple green minty orange
Now that I think theres nothin that really rhymes with orange
Exepct for pourin me another cup of sticky stuff
No need for 40's man talkin about hawaian punch
Before the night is young sunsets with lemon suns
Showin true colors just cause the night is fun
Number one place for mixes in all the shades
And also gettin hella payed
Lets go back to the hoods
Back to the woods
Back to the times when my was visions stayed good
Like the opposite tint of red maui
Man I miss the colors of Cali
Track Name: Summer Heat (Feat.Jarell Perry)
Where would I be without a world thats full of heat
Nef pass the swisher sweet cause its always been good to me
No need for negativity in this facility,bump the 64 in the garage, input 3
The vinyl, it keeps on rolling like the sun
Having fun since the day it begun
Homies got some so no reason for greedyness
Flirting with this girl sneaking easy little kisses
Yea,your now rockin on the west
Yup the left side better known the west side
Originated Good Vibes, and the home of the palm trees
I piss on them because they always seem to calm me
Plus memories on memory lane
Make me chuckle cause I know it will never be the same
But it made me the way that I am today
Dang..let the beat thats all I gotta say

Love is like that summer heat (Always feeling good to me)
Please dont ever leave (See you next time on the beach)

Verse 2:

12 o Clock afternoon Im so in the mood
To just bake in the water like a cup of noodle soup
Only season thats cool cause it keeps my body hotty
Rather kickback at a kickback or fiesta at party
Choose that one somebody to stick with for 3 months
Whatever happens happens,thats what he wants
And me too, aww girl dont mean to cloud you
But this is not a love song so im not gon write about you
Especially on a sunny day may I say
Makes me miss the LBC up in LA
Down to San Diego back up Viejo
Road trip cant say no,how about to mexico?
Dont wanna roll that far then to redondo
Then we can be blue in the breeze
Either way it feels good to me
Track Name: Ode to Old Me (Feat.EPonym)
It was the power rangers in the morning waking up
Catch a pokemon,commercials came level up
Dedicated all my time to electricity
Without it, highly doubting my creativity
When the sun was out, went outside played some tag
About the most fun, that I will ever have
Even after that, 64 was down the street
Ronalds garage always smelled like pee pee
I dont know why, he was a nice guy
Mastered anatomy barely at the age of 9
Seemed ahead of my time but still learning lots
Didnt know about hip hop, forget me nots
Never rushin, did a lot of cussin
Freedom on the block I was granted I was trusted
Thanks to mama theres no drama when I write rhymes
Cause back then it was nothin but good times..
Track Name: On My Mind
Dang..She Just walked away..Didn’t even get to say goodbye..Never again

Theres so many problems in this world now a days
I gotta sit back or my hope with fade away, for my soul mate
Im really hoping that shes fine, and always stays on my mind
People say that it takes time
When she comes around im gonna have to use bind
But shes fine, already feel the feeling getting high
This girl stays on my mind

Verse One:

Came fast to work today
See, I was hella late
Vans was my job, hella people during winter break
Though I was seasonal, greeting people was easy man
Checking in the back just to tell them we don’t have those vans
Over and over again, busy never sober hands
Always straighten racks, putting up packs of shoes and pants
Medium shirts, I was putting in work
Paper cuts they hurt, man im about to go berserk
Until I heard excuse me, responded though was busy
A mama and a papa wanted to quiz me
And that’s when I saw her, felt no feelings for their daughter
Was her servant for the moment till her kick game was altered
We talked quite a lot and uh, shes from California
Asked her which part, with a reply Santa Monica
I did my job, walked away with a smiling face
And said my name is Dallas if you need me, just in case

Verse Two:

Now it’s day two, it was worst, customers like a hurricane
Focused on the classics I was packing like Pac man
My back pain tested patience in a haste game
Sanity damn to be, but marc kept me company
Soon to be jumping on the train to candy sweets
Talking about my break that I got for 15 minutes
Quitting time is soon, so close that I could take a taste
I tuned out most of them but that one voice, serenaded
Oh there was once again in my sites
Probably might the one that I wanna be soft for
Told marc about her, even showed him right before
She vanished in the crowd gracefully in the Vans store
Be he was like nah foo don’t even trip
Yea she pretty shell be leaving in a minute go spit
But I didn’t, I was stupid or a coward to the issue
That she smiled as she walked away to me, im gonna miss you
Track Name: Sick Of Love (Feat.Mike Wingless,Nefarious! & Siopao J)
I said your everything, that I dream about
If you didnt know, well see you know now
This is my hip track, its hopping over you
So Ima do what lovers do when they get lovers flu
Straight up take a dose, of the healing thats reviving
Slipping nose, moving slow down on my end
Can you please? Hurry up and give me lovin
Haste is vital, dont recitale twice again
Your vapor rub opens up my mind like a new day
Body heat kinda like the sunshine rays
SunShine, im glad that your mind
Over love most because its more than one time
And if you leave me in this world full of germs
My fevers gonna heat up till I burn up like a perm
Oh pleasa my bonita, I need some medicine
Before I turn single, or end up dead again
Track Name: West Up! (Feat.Nique)
Long Beach Californ I Ayo
Palm trees polly seeds this all day though
With vans, chucks and all of thee above
You might see a blood most likely a cuz
But Im not bangin, Im just doing what I doozy
Rollin through the streets like a west coast movie
With my cousin Nique in the driver seat
Just swishin with my sweet up in the OC
Crackin on 40's, Gin or the OE
Syke, not SLik you already know me
Though I was breed as a Gee still chill
On the boarder of Long Beach and Signal Hill
I coast, K Paso? Way to hot roll down the windows
In and out my mouth thats where the wind blows
You feel me homie loc? Oh!

Fo fingas up! Two inside
Throw it in the air thats how we ride
Long Beach up day till the night
On the left coast where we reside

It's the Long Beach spitta, blonde B splitta
Cali kid Im the west sides Ye titta
Long Beach grown but I'm SD bread
Gardena known tryna get b-read
Fresh from the west side, pose for the picture
Hoes on my left side rose for the sisters, yup
Niques 88 good, cruise Long Beach till Im hittin Lakewood
All the fake folks needa just stay put, cause I been places you wouldn't even place foot
Me and SLik d rollin in a compact, SLiks rollin it up to make it compact, but
I ain't really on that windows rolled up though so I'm catching contact, yup
And we doin this all night, CA breeze you can feel it in this song like

We got heaters, smoke , drank, chickens, fo's, deuces, treys, switches,spokes, dank and all of thee above! Rep on the left that's my set WEST UP!