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The Struggle (feat. Nico Marks)

by SLik d



When hard times had me seeing double
Sometimes I feel the struggle
It's too hard to fight
I praise the most high to live a life from trouble
Forgive, please. When I stumble
Fight the good fight

I got a lot upon my plate before I'm eating it
Bow my head to thank the Jah for my achievements
Crossed some road with some bros who had evil in them
Till today couldn't tell if they knew what I seen in them
Got a big ass heart like Charizard there's a flame, I must maintain
These seasons come and go but no my passion never change
At times those highs and lows control your woes of everyday
Just slow your roll you know pleasure feels better after pain
Had to release, let Jah take over me
And for a week, I lived life soberly
Cause I've been smoking weed ever since a noble teen
How could I get this job requiring my hair and pee?
All of my money dirty do I really want it clean
Got everything I want cause I be on them simple things
Just let me pay my rent while traveling the seven sea
Airbnb, dank ass tree, make a song to sing

Ever since I flew out of the nest, slowly but surely I've been gravitated toward success
No hopes or maybes if I'll make it
Just do your best, have some faith
Don't spend it's better to invest, on everyday
How cray that we live in a world when there's something stuck in your teeth
Won't nobody give it a mention rather let you be
Pop out some gum and they gon’ ask like I bought it for we
It be cheapest muthafuckas who treat everything cheap
If y'all don't think being fat is a mentality, please explain why I'm skinnier than batteries
AAA charged up, so 100 my g
Life be throwing punches, you counteract or get the runnin'
Me, done seen em coming, I'm bobbin-weaving all on em
Patient for that moment, my rhythm turns into a motion
Cause once I get that going, everybody gon be knowing
I do it for the love, not dubs unless it's bud cuz

We all possess the same 24 hours though
8 for sleep, 8 for work then recreational
Shouts to Nevada and California we made the vote
So now my people can smoke, roll around with an o
Still the federally gonna tally all your salad
Best to wash your lettuce to get invested where it’s freshest
Got dammit love planting faith in the organic oppressions
You’re either hustling or struggling my brethren


released January 8, 2017
Prod. Nico Marks



all rights reserved


SLik d Long Beach, California

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