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High Vibes

by SLik d

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adam voss
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adam voss Definately a legitamate album for any hip hop 'head'. Fresh feels all the way through. Slik D's vocals are great and the beats are sick. My favorite is 'done know what to do right now', but most tracks work great to keep on replay all day. keep pushin out some material dude! Favorite track: Dont Know What To Do Right Now.


Beats Produced By:

Limbo - Jan Swift
On The Pharcyde - Bhonstro
Happy B Marley - SLik d
DNWTDRN & All I Need - Alf Alpha
CLouds - Soy Is Real


released May 15, 2011



all rights reserved


SLik d Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Limbo
They took away my anti drug so now im smoking the bud
Not a pothead, but doing everything they does
I was, a good guy untill the very first high and after that
WOW lets say I never came down
And now I really dont care about my repu
So talk al a carte all I gotta say is F you
Unless you still wanna be friends
Dont have to give hugs cuz, just pitch in
Cause im about to begin the end of my anxiety
Grab the black pen and then my anthology
Apologies to people who thought I practice what I preach
Use to.. dont blame me blame the Gorees
The moral of the story me gusto le treesos
Kickin it with my negros, my amigos
Like neo always flippin out
Peace it to the sky if you know what im about

Dont call me a pothead, Im productive.. Out here on my own
And this is for certain, everyday night and day I stay blown
You may not like this, I understand.. Know that Im finally grown
This my life man, and im living it.. Forever ever in limbo

Verse Two:

Been in my DNA..THC..was the coolest thing to me
Lessons learned when a teen, always see me thinking green
Funny cause back in the day I was that homie
Stay telling my people marijuana isnt healthy
Hypocritical yea I know this is so
I admit it though got my card for..medicinal reasons
I broke my collar bone..
A lot of older people need to realize, so mad all the time get high
This the days of OUR lifes I live it with pride that
I can make it big time stayin with my vibes
And with this marijuan? Im not trippin over anyone
Pretty sure you know
Living this life like the first nikes on michael j
Moonwalking on air all day
Ima let you finish,first let me hit this
Wait what was the chorus?